RECIPIENTS: Robert D. Putnam, Harvard University; David E. Campbell, University of Notre Dame
TITLE: American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us (Simon and Schuster)

The Woodrow Wilson Foundation Award is presented to Robert D. Putnam of Harvard University and David E. Campbell of University of Notre Dame for their book, American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us. [continue reading…]

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Stanford Daily:  Putnam discusses religion in American society” (Miles Unterreiner 11/16/10) (which discusses Americans’ high level of devoutness yet paradoxically their relatively high tolerance of other religions)

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bert5: In Large Type: Robert Putnam @Stanford” (11/16/10) (which is a reactionary blog post from a student who saw Robert Putnam speak at Stanford University)
The Christian Science Monitor: 
American Grace” (Chuck Leddy 11/15/10)

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Financial Times.com: “
Understanding Religion in America” (Christopher Caldwell 11/14/10)

Tikkun Daily: “Getting to Know You: The Politics of Spirituality of Coming Out” (Amanda Udis-Kessler 11/12/10) (which relates homophobia to religious intolerance and stresses that “getting to know” homosexuals is a way to reduce prejudices and tension, just like mingling with people of other faiths reduces religious intolerance)

The Salt Lake Tribune: LDS don’t get theological respect because they seek and shun mainstream acceptance, prof says” (Kristen Moulton 11/12/10) (which discusses how Americans view Mormons negatively yet Mormons view other religions positively)

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StarTribune.com: “
‘Grace’ crosses America’s religious divide” (Chuck Leddy 11/7/10) [which discusses the role of religion on politics in American society]

KUER Radio: American Grace” (Doug Fabrizio interviews David Campbell 11/7/10) [an interview with David E. Campbell by Doug Fabrizio and the University of Utah]

Batist Press: “Politics cited as deterrent from church; church’s film now on DVD…” (Erin Roach 11/5/10) [which discusses socially conservative Christians’ dilemma with younger generations who are turned off by organized religion because of its association with conservative politics]

PrayTell—Worship, Wit & Wisdom: American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us” (Jack Rakosky 11/5/10) [book review of American Grace]

The Times: “Regular Worship Is The Mortar Of The Big Society” (Jonathan Sacks 11/5/10) [subscription necessary to read full article] [which discusses social capital that results from religion]

Ponderings on a Faith Journey: “Catholic Drift” (Martin E. Marty 11/4/10) [which is a response to Peter Steinfels article in Commonweal]

Jesus Creed: American Religion: Shifty 1” (11/3/10) [which summarizes American Grace and calls it a “fantastic study”]

USA Today: Must we agree on God, government to be civil?” (Cathy Lynn Grossman 11/1/10) [“While theology and tradition would say religious truth is eternal and uncompromising, the authors find that faith, in practice, is more fluid, more accommodating, more will to share the cultural and social stage with competing visions”]

NCRegister.com: The ‘Glue That Holds America Together’: Religion” (Father John Flynn 11/1/10)

The Christian Century: “Diverse and devout” (R. Stephen Warner 11/1/10) [which shows that the United States is a prime location for religion strife because of the deep religiosity and religious diversity, but how this actually makes the United States more tolerant]

stltoday.com: “US melting pot makes for religious accord, authors say” (Joseph Losos 10/31/10) [which discusses the relationship between a multi-religion American society and tolerance] 

Chattanooga Times Free Press: “South’s religious diversity growing” (Peria Trevizo 10/31/10) [which discusses the growing religious diversity and tolerance of Southern American states] 

Zenit: “Religion in America” (Father John Flynn 10/31/10) [which discusses religion trends in the United States, including intermarriages across faiths and the relationship between diversity and tolerance]

Delaware Online: Urban Renewal: City Church is looking to appeal to young adults” (Gary Soulman 10/30/10) [in response to the findings in American Grace that 17 percent of Americans have no religion, City Church is reaching out to young people to interest them in religion]

Chicagotribune.com: Author finds Americans handle religious differences with grace” (Manya Brachear 10/29/10) [questions and answers with Robert Putnam regarding American Grace’s connection with Bowling Alone, religiosity in America, and the role of “intermarriages” in American life]

Denverpost.com: “Sexuality not an issue for youths” (DP Opinion, 10/28/10) [which discusses how “Christian politicians are turning young people away from religion”]

Macleans.ca: “Born in the U.S.A.” (Brian Bethune 10/28/10) [which discusses the impact religion has on political views]

The Houston Chronicle: The state of religion in the U.S.” (Q&A with Robert Putnam 10/28/10) [an interview with Robert Putnam regarding how religion has made Americans more tolerant]

The Times: “Religion News: Catholics claim Homer” (10/28/10)

USA Today: Tea Party Nation head wants Muslim-free Congress” (Cathy Lee Grossman 10/27/10). [which is a response to Robert Wright’s article regarding Homophobia and Islamophobia]

Rice University:‘American Grace’ IUR lecturer explains how religion divides and unites the US” (Jessica Stark 10/27/10)

Law, Religion, and Ethics: “American Grace and Culture Wars” (Steven Smith 10/27/10) [which discusses American Grace’s relative optimistic view about the unifying power of religion]

LA Times: “What’s really hurting Christianity in America” (Gregory Paul 10/27/10) [which questions American Grace’s claim that “aversion among young Americans to the religious right is the primary secularizing force”]

Religion Dispatches: “Christian Conservatives Turn Off A Generation Of Voters (Or Maybe Not)” (Daniel Schultz 10/26/10) [which discusses the connection between religion and politics]

Charlotteobserver.com: “Mormons and evangelicals: So alike, yet so wary of each other” (Tim Funk 10/26/10)

NY Times: Islamophobia and Homophobia” (Robert Wright 10/26/10). [which discusses “bridging” or the idea that tolerance is about getting to know more people]

WebTalkRadio.net: “American Grace” (10/26/10)

The Harvard Crimson: “Conservative Policies Alienate Youth from Evangelical Protestantism” (Ariane Litalien 10/26/10)

Internet Monk: “A Conversation We Must Have” (Chaplain Mike 10/26/10)

The Lonely Goth’s Guide to Independent Catholicism: “Understanding Religious Non-Affiliation in Gen X and Gen Y” (10/25/10)

The Book of Doctrines and Opinions: “American Grace” (10/24/10)

The Christian Critic: “American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us” (Josh Olds 10/24/10) [which is a positive review of American Grace]

The Village Square: Sunday at the Square: How Religion Divides and Unites Us” (10/24/10)

The Town Talk: “Loyd: God is not dictated to by political parties” (10/23/10) [which shows the relationship between conservative politics and religion]
The Seven Churches: “
American Grace: How Religion Unites and Divides Us” (10/23/10)

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Zócalo Public Square: “Robert Putnam” (interview with Robert Putnam)

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Zócalo Public Square: “How Religion is Transforming America” (10/21/10) [which discusses how america is an extremely devout country, while also being extraordinarily tolerant—a combination that usually produces violence]

Zócalo Public Square. How Religion Has Changed Since ‘The Ten Commandments’” (10/21/10). [which gives an excerpt from American Grace regarding religious chance since the 1960s] 

Houston Chronicle: Scholar studies interplay of religion and politics” (Jeannie Kever 10/21/10) [which discusses Putnam’s claim that tolerance for other religious groups is growing] 

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Zócalo Public Square: “How Religion Strengthens Community” (Dan McKanan 10/19/10) [which reviews the concept that those who are more religious, are better neighbors]

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Indystar.com: “New book tackles how Americans see God” (Cathy Lynn Grossman 10/18/10) [which discusses how Americans overwhelmingly believe that all good people, even those outside their own religion, will go to heavan]

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The Christian Post: “American Grace” (Martin E. Marty 10/18/10) [which discusses the complexity of religion dividing and uniting American society]

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AlbertMohler.com: “American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us: An Interview with Robert Putnam” (Albert Mohler 10/18/10) [host Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky interviews Robert Putnam about the theological and cultural issues dealing with religion in American society today]

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stltoday.com: The “Aunt Susan Effect” and American Religious Culture” (Sharon Autenrieth 10/14/10) [which claims that America is tolerant because everyone has an “Aunt Susan” who is of a different religion, but will still go to heaven because she is such a good person]

PBS Newshour: “More From Robert Putnam on ‘American Grace’” (Elizabeth Shell 10/12/10) [which shows the unaired discussions between Robert Putnam and interviewer Paul Solman on PBS]

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Religious Persuasion” (Robert Wright 10/8/10) 

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Leadership Network: American Grace” (Warren Bird, 10/4/10) [a praise of American Grace by Warren Bird, Ph.D., who is co-author of 21 books concerning church health and innovation] 

KOSU: “Religious Polarization, ‘American Grace” (10/2/10) [which discusses the role of the “nones,” the “Aunt Susan effect,” “the god gap in voting” and religious tolerance on America today]

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Fear Not blog: Americans show signs of grace” (Kay Campbell, 9/30/10) USA Today: “Family, Friends and politics, not theology, shape faith” (9/26/10) 

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The Times: “The Big Society is about bowling alone together; It’s not so complicated after all” (Camilla Cavendish, 9/23/10) [Subscription necessary to read this opinion column]

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Wall Street Journal: “Getting to Know You” (Naomi Schaefer Riley, 5/15/09) [which discusses the extent of religious bridging social capital in America, and how having friends of different religions changes ones views toward that religion]

Dan Gilgoff, of U.S. News and World Report, in “Churches Fight Back Against Shrinking Youth Membership” (6/3/09) quotes Prof. Robert D. Putnam.

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