“Community in America” Seminar

Community in America is the title of a seminar that Professor Putnam teaches at Harvard to undergraduate students at the College and graduate students at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Through the weekly readings, discussions, and papers, students engage with critical questions about community life in America, questions such as, has the social fabric of America's communities and the civic engagement of its citizens changed over the last generation? Why? Does it matter? What lessons might we find in American history? The reading list for the seminar is now publicly available and can be found in the links below.

WEEK 1, Inequality: Two Americas?

WEEK 2, Inequality and Families

WEEK 3, Inequality and Schools

WEEK 4, Inequality and Social Capital

WEEK 5, Community in American History: Progressive Era

WEEK 6, Domains of the Problem: Race, Class, and the Cities

WEEK 7, Domains of the Problem: Space, Sprawl, ‘The Third Place’, and ‘The New Urbanism’

WEEK 8, Religion as Social Capital

WEEK 9, Diversity, Immigration, and Social Capital

WEEK 10, The Workplace: Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?

WEEK 11, Internet and Social Capital

WEEK 12, Social Capital and American Democracy