Professor Putnam’s most recent work, Our Kids, is a story- and data-driven study of the opportunity gap in the United States. Putnam argues that in recent decades, Americans have increasingly grown doubtful of a belief in the American dream as an offer of equal opportunity for all. Below you will find the latest news items that mention our ongoing and recent research projects.

Vox  Ben Bernanke explains what Donald Trump gets wrong on the economy” (Jim Tankersley, 06/06/17)

Duluth News Tribune Our View: Parade disinterest part of troubling trend” (New Tribune Editorial Board, 05/16/17)

Youthtoday Out-of-School Time Organizations Play Pivotal Role” (Stell Simonton, 05/01/17)

Quartz “Filming Takes Place in Springfield for Documentary to Air Nationwide on PBS (Michael Skalicky, 04/26/17)

Quartz There’s a better way to celebrate take your kids to work day: Taking someone else’s kid instead” (Richard Reeves, 04/24/17)

The Harvard CrimsonDaily Katrina: Education is a Three Front War” (John Muresianu, 03/24/17)

Media Policy Center, VimeoRobert Putnam speaking about ‘Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis’” (03/04/17)

Robert Putnam speaking about “Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis” from Media Policy Center on Vimeo. New York Times “Where Americans Come Together” (Mary Pilon, 01/27/17) WiredHow Pollsters Missed the ‘Bowling Alone’ Voters that Handed Trump the Presidency” (Garret Graff, 11/15/16) Freakonomics ” Trust Me” (Stephen Dubner, produced by Greg Rosalsky, 11/10/16) The EconomistVoters and the media: How Americans’ media habits can predict how they will vote” (I.K., 11/07/16) Brookings Institute “Trouble in the land of early childhood education?” (Ron Haskins & Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, 10/26/16) Harvard Business ReviewStart Networking with People Outside Your Industry” (Dorie Clark, 10/20/16) Grapple Podcast “Breaking Down the American Dream with Robert Putnam” (Naomi Starobin, 10/06/16) The Boston Globe “Our opportunity nation (Alan Khazei & John Bridgeland, 09/09/16) Boise State Public Radio “Author Robert Putnam on the Divergent Opportunities for America’s Children (Bob Kustra, 08/12/16) Vox “This election isn’t about right vs. left. It’s about “we” vs. “I.“” (Harold Pollack, 08/08/16) The Brookings Institute”Social Mobility: A promise that could still be kept (Richard Reeves & Isabel Sawhill, 07/29/16) Vox “The Vox Conversation: Hillary Clinton” (Ezra Klein, 07/11/16) Fox News Talkshow: Talkenomics “Ep. 5 – Robert Putnam – The American Dream in Crisi: USA Becoming Two Class Society, Rich and Poor” (04/04/16) Conversations with Bill Kristol “Robert D. Putnam on our Civic Life in Decline” (Bill Kristol, 3/13/16) New York Times “America’s Stacked Deck” (Nicholas Kristof, 2/18/16) Harvard Graduate School of Education PodcastHarvard EdCast: Cynics with Good Reason” (Matt Weber, 2/10/16) U.S. News The Rich and the Rest” (Christina Pazzanese, 2/09/16) London Review of Books “The Inequality Problem” (Ed Miliband, 2/04/16) CommonWealth “The downsides of Prop. 2 1/2 and Community Preservation Act” (Lawrence Dicara & Michael Nicholson, 12/17/15) Het Financiële DagbladHet is niet meer zo dat de beste klimmers het hoogst komen” (Cees van Lotringen, 11/27/15)*-** The John Adams Institute “Amerikaan heft lot niet in eigen hand” (Gus Vaalk, 10/31/15)** Royal Society of Arts “RSA Replay: Closing the Opportunity Gap (RSA Replay, 10/14/15) The Federalist “The Trouble with Kids Today” (Charles Murray, 9/17/15) National Association of Evangelicals “The Growing Class Gap Among American Young People” (Leith Anderson & Robert Putnam, 9/15/15) Public Radio International “When you can’t play ball for your school because you’re poor” (Kirk Carapezza, 9/15/15) Politico “Politico 50: Robert Putnam” (9/10/15) MPRNews “Aspen Ideas Festival: Robert Putnam on ‘Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis” (8/14/15) LinkedIn “LinkedIn Speaker Series: Robert Putnam” (8/13/15) Radio Boston In New Book, Bowling Alone’ Author Examines Impact of Economic Inequality on Kids” (5/27/15) Detroit Public TV “Robert Putnam on Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis – 2015 L.A. Times Festival of Books” (5/4/15) The New York Review of Books Unhappy Days in America” (Nicholas Lemann, 5/21/15) Washington Post “Politicians must get bolder about treating America’s urban problems” (Michael Gerson, 5/4/15) The Economist Minding the nurture gap” (3/21/15) The New YorkerRicher and Poorer” (Jill LePore, 3/16/15) New York Times. “Our Kids,’ by Robert D. Putnam(Jason DeParle, 3/4/15)

The American Conservative Is the Religious Right to Blame for Christianity’s Decline?” (George Hawley, 06/05/17) Ottawa Citizen “How public discourse is harmed by social media mobbing” (Dylan mcGuinty, 06/02/17) East Village MagazineGlory days in rearview mirror for Flint high school sports: resurrection might be in the works” (Harold Ford, 06/01/17) Inside Sources Erosion of Social Capital a Major Problem, Say Experts” (Politics, 05/17/2017) National Review Mike Lee Wants to Stop America from Coming Apart” (Robert Verbruggen, 05/17/2017) The Federalist To Repair Our Fractured Republic, Get To Know Your Neighbors” (Gracy Olmstead, 05/17/2017) Duluth News Tribune Our View: Parade disinterest part of troubling trend” (New Tribune Editorial Board, 05/16/17) YouthtodayOut-Of-School Time Organizations Play Pivotal Role” (Stell Simonton, 05/01/17) Inside UCR “Did you Know” (04/31/17) Springfield News-LeaderOur Voice: Early signs say poverty plan on track” (04/29/17) The San Diego Union-TribuneVirtual reality may pose real problems for our lonely planet” (Chris Reed, 04/27/17) The EconomistJohn Kasich’s lament” (04/27/17) KSMU Ozark Public Radio “Filming Takes Place in Springfield for Documentary to Air Nationwide on PBS” (Michele Skalicky, 04/26/17) Oxford Academic Robert D. Putnam: Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis” (Tim Reeskens, 04/25/17) The Atlantic What if Politicians Studied the Social Fabric like Economists Studied GDP” (Annie Lowrey, 04/24/17) Economics21 America’s Fraying Social Ties” (Charles Hughes, 04/23/17) StarTribune “Fed leaders: Job disparity data becoming more important to central bank’s decisions” (Evan Ramstad, 04/23/17) Suffolk University Boston “Political Scientist Robert D. Putnam: Let Your Lives Speak Louder Than Your Words” (Greg Gatlin, 04/21/17) Desert News Utah Fraying social fabric hurting nation’s economy, Sen. Mike Lee says” (Dennis Romboy, 04/21/2017) Washington Examiner What we do together – civil society, not government” (Washington Examiner, 04/21/2017) TribLive Some Rotary, Kiwanis clubs in Western Pennsylvania struggle to avoid collapse” (Matthew Santoni, 04/09/17) Breakpoint Religion and Inequality” (Eric Metaxes & Roberto Rivera, 04/05/17) Sentinel & Enterprise Putnam talks inequality during Fitchburg State seminar” (Amanda Burke, 04/05/17) TribLive Expert on challenges of coal country to lecture at Pitt” (Ben Schmitt, 04/03/17) Bloomberg View “How Utah Keeps the American Dream Alive” (Megan McArdle, 03/28/17) Huffington PostCollecting Apples and Polishing Chestnuts: If Only…” (Karen Gross, 03/20/17) Winona Daily NewsQ&A: Climing out of our bunkers – a conversation with Michael Gerson” (03/19/17) Phys.orgSensitive genotypes yield disadvantage in poor families, but advantage in wealthier ones” (03/13/17) Fast CompanyHow Will the Rise of Crowdfunding Reshape How We Give to Charity?” (Ben Paynter, 03/13/17) The Christian PostChristians: We Should Be More Neighborly” (Eric Metaxas, 03/11/17) Watertown Public OpinionHow social media stands to heal political divides – if only we’d let it” (Chandra Johnson, 03/09/17) Tufts Daily NPR correspondent moderates panel on civic life post-election” (Daniel Nelson, 03/08/17) Washington Post Americans have lost faith in institutions. That’s not because of Trump or ‘fake news’” (Bill Bishop, 03/03/17) Quad-City Times Quad-Cities respond to children in crisis” (Deirdre Cox Baker, 02/27/17) Quartz MediaBill Gates has humble expectations for the biggest issue tech can solve in the next 10 years” (Sarah Kessler, 02/27/17) Our Quad Cities “Is the American Dream an idea of the past?” (Tahera Rahman, 02/07/17) Huffington Post “It’s Not American Carnage. It Is An Urban Crisis. (Robert Hall, 01/27/17) Huffington Post “It’s Not American Carnage. It Is An Urban Crisis. (Robert Hall, 01/27/17) PopDust “Do You Use Social Media as a Television or a Telephone?” (George Robson, 01/30/17) Huffington Post “The New Religion: Destructive Escalation” (Robert Hall, 01/27/17) Prospect”Turning the March into a Movement” (Peter Dreier & Donald Cohen, 01/24/17) Education WeekCollege Readiness: Are Different Definitions Driving Inequality?” (Marc Tucker, 01/19/17) StarTribune “Minneapolis Fed launches institute to tackle racial and economic disparities (Adam Belz, 01/18/17) The Florida Times-Union “America must deal with the scourge of child poverty (Adam Belz, 01/18/17) Huffington PostSeparate and Unequal, That’s America for Our Kids, says Robert Putnam” (Dora Calot Wang, 01/09/17) WLRN Robert Putnam” (Joseph Cooper, Bonnie Berman, Richard Ives & Polly Landes, 01/09/17) Saint James Plaindealer Grow Our Own summit inspires attendees to work to support all southwest Minnesota kids” (01/09/17) University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Newsbeat Poor kids in America lose out as income disparities widen” (Cindy Foster, 01/09/17) The BeaconPort Clinton City Council votes unanimously to support Voice to Vision” (Jasmine Cupp, 01/04/17) Pensacola News JournalViewpoint: Be more civically engaged in 2017” (Amy Miller and Diane Mack, 12/31/16) Daily GlobeClosing the gap: Marshall conference explores on-ramps for southwest Minnesota children” (Karl Evers-Hillstrom, 12/15/16) Marshall IndependentLooking to the future – our children” (Deb Gau, 12/15/16) Huffington PostA Manifesto for American Education” (Joseph Gauld, 12/15/16) Quad-City TimesGap widens between rich and poor, Harvard expert says” (Brian Wellner, 12/14/16) Dispatch-ArgusEditorial: Why join battle to close opportunity gap for Q-C kids?” (12/14/16) Cato Journal Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis (Matt Warner, Winter 2016) The Commercial AppealAsking what people want” (Ted Evanoff, 11/19/16) The Philadelphia Citizen “OMG. 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Byron, 06/28/16) The Wichita Eagle “Building a strong ‘we’ (Mark McCormick, 06/27/16) Monadnock Ledger-Transcript “Growing divide between affluent and poor students (Ashley Saari, 06/27/16) Charleston Gazette-Mail Sanders, Trump differ on how to restore chance to live American Dream” (James A. White, 05/29/16) New York Times The Fragmented Society (David Brooks, 05/20/16) New York Times Don’t Blame Diversity for Distrust (Maria Abascal & Belia Baldassarri, 05/20/16) American Enterprise Institute American nostalgia, but for the wrong era” (Michael Barone, 05/16/16) Post-Bulletin The Education Village at WSU: Transforming teachers and our future(James E. Shul, 05/13/16) Vox The wealthier you get, the less social you are. Here’s why it matters” (Josh Rosenblat, 05/05/16) WDEL 101.7 FM Harvard Researcher: Opportunity gap grows as child’s success depends on parents’ socioeconomic status” (Amy Cherry, 05/03/16) The Okhlahoman Family talk: both families, communities must help bridge the opportunity gap” (Jim Priest, 05/02/16) Springfield Business Journal Without Action, Poverty hole could sink city” (Eric Olson, 05/02/16) Christian Science Monitor How a ‘parenting arms race’ is causing kids to grow up segregated(Jessica Mendoza, 04/27/16) Argus Leader Now is the time to invest in ‘Our Kids‘” (Randell Beck, 04/27/16) American Enterprise Institute New York exceptionalism and Donald Trump” (Michael Barone, 04/18/16) Springfield News-Leader It’s up to Springfield to provide opportunities for all” (Mike White, 04/16/16) Washington Post This research from Nigeria shows us how a government can build a tax base” (Adrienne LaBas, 04/15/16) Springfield News-Leader “Return on investment in early childhood education speaks for itself” (Dana Carroll, 04/15/16) KSMU Ozarks Public RadioClosing Opportunity Gap, Harvard Professor Praises Springfield’s Efforts “(Han Zhao, 04/09/16) Springfield News-Leader “Harvard’s Robert Putnam addresses Springfield’s poverty alleviation efforts” (Alissa Zhu, 04/08/16) Huffington Post “An Encore of Service” (John Bridgeland and Shirley Sagawa, 04/07/16) Media Policy Center Our Kids, Hosted by Robert Putnam (04/01/16) Sentinel & EnterpriseHis solution to class gap? 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Jay Kaufman’s ‘Open House’ to feature Harvard professor Robert Putnam” (03/14/16) Atlanta NPR, 90.1 WABE Commentary: Education Can Bridge Atlanta’s ‘Opportunity Gap’”  (Maria Saporta, 03/09/16) Back to the Top Winter 2015 Saporta Report “Robert Putnam and Atlanta leaders seek to bridge ‘opportunity gap'” (Maria Saporta, 03/07/16) Harvard GazetteThe costs of inequality: Education’s the one key that rules them all” (02/15/16) The Norman Transcript “Harvard Professor, author Robert Putnam imparts wisdom at OU” (01/21/16) OU Daily “Harvard professor speaks at OU about impact of economic inequality on children “ (Derric Cushman, 01/20/16) The BeaconRick Santorum talks about Port Clinton at Republican  (John Shaffner, 01/20/16) Fortune “How to Use Your Network to Become a Power Connector (Avery Blank, 01/20/16) The Atlantic “The Importance of High-School Mentors” (Alyza Sebenius, 01/13/16) the guardian “Inequality is a problem schools alone can’t fix(Tristram Hunt, 01/12/16) BBC News “David Cameron pledges ‘assault on poverty’  with social reforms” (01/11/16)